Vertex Delivery of Newborn Infant

This infant is oriented in a "vertex presentation", which means that the infant's fontanelle is being presented (not its chin, face, or back of head) in the mother's dilated cervix at the time of birth. Vertex presentation is one type of "cephalic" or head-first presentations. Vertex presentations make up 95% of all single-infant births (as ooposed to twins or multiples)..

There are many types of vertex positions, where the facing "LOA" Left Occipital Anterior, which means that the back of its head is facing the mother's front. This is the most common position for an infant to present in the birth canal, preparing for birth. The vertex presentations are further classified according the position of the occiput, it being right, left, or transverse, and anterior, straight, or posterior. Left Occipito-Anterior (LOA), Left Occipito-Posterior (LOP), Left Occipito-Transverse (LOT); Straight Occipito-Anterior (SAO); Straight Occipito-Posterior (SOP); Straight Occipito-Transverse (SOT); Right Occipito-Anterior (ROA), Right Occipito-Posterior (ROP), Right Occipito-Transverse (ROT); The presentation shown in this illustration is the LOA, the most common of vertex presentations.

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