Changing Trees to Bamboo

Changing Trees to Bamboo


“The human brain is
a spectacular pattern-maker, pattern creator.”
Steven Polluck

I once read an author

who said that 

English sentences are long and complicated compared to Chinese, 

and that the calligraphy, the characters themselves, 

are responsible for this. 

He said that the English language builds ideas like a tree, 

with branches from branches; whereas 


The Chinese language builds 

like bamboo, 


in lines 

by knots 

and short,




?Learn to change trees to bamboo and bamboo to trees?, 

the author suggested. 


So often, it seems to me

that my ideas are like trees.

And rarely, are they like bamboo.

I was thinking about this, painting bamboo?

Bamboo canopy © 2013 Laura Maaske - Medimagery LLC

Bamboo canopy © 2013 Laura Maaske – Medimagery LLC


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October 4, 2014


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