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The video you are looking at is a tool intended for use in e-books. My idea for e-Books, as used in medical education, would be to offer a metaphor of the whole body or whole organ system. Exploration happens when the user chooses where to focus their attention. I remember well my own student days: combining the learning over several years. And I envision this exploration happening in three ways:

  1. Layering, which is suitable for publishers who want to begin using flat artwork from previous print publications.
  2. Zooming, which is the next direction I will be moving in. Development here might allow the use of old illustrations, but it might also require some additional rendering and development of the illustrations. The results, however, would be very dynamic and didactic: allowing complicated anatomy to be made simpler simply by what is revealed by getting closer to arteries, nerves, and other anatomy.
  3. Moving around anatomy in three-dimensions. This is a highly developed level of interactivity, but a compelling and sophisticated one.

I would like to point out at this stage that the metaphor of the body or of any organ system offers a beautiful beginning which can be developed into extraordinary depth. For example, a histology module can be added to an anatomy module, so that a student can zoom in to view organs at the cellular level. A pathology module can be added behind this one, so that normal cells can be compared to pathology cells. And an embryological or physiological module could be added as well.

This entire video was created using jpeg layers, flat illustrations, with HTML5 coding and JQuery. It does not rely on any proprietary software or coding. It is available for purchase or for licensing. And the coding is designed to work with e-Pub for e-Books.

For more, please see my interview with Joe Wikert of O'Reilly Media.

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